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Websites and Email Marketing for Tool Hire Shops

How our website packages work

How our Website Packages work.

You will get your Tool Hire Website + Licence Package of your choice

Your Tool Hire Website – You will get...
…the Demo site as you see it with the following changes:

Your branding
Product changes/additions including descriptions, download documents, videos, SEO
Your product pricing
Your hire times
Your delivery system (1 store)

Also with every website...

Automated hire system
Discount offers system
Delivery charge system
Wordpress website platform
Video demos
Multi-store capability
E-commerce capability
Stock control system
Hire management system
General and product specific Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Cookie Law Compliance
Automated daily backups
Training videos on using the website
Product documentation system
UK based secure server
Unlimited web page capability
Health and Safety product guidance system
Cross selling
Ability to bespoke your site
Unlimited functionality capability
A simple and effective site that customers like and find easy to use

Options & Information
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Choosing a Licence Package
The licence that you choose will depend mostly on three things – the number of outlets that you have, the exclusivity you require and whether or not you want us to manage changes to your site. In our experience, tool hire business owners want to focus on what they are good at – tool hire – and leave the website stuff to us. So when they want to make a change or have an issue, they just ring or email us and we do it for them there and then. However that is not the case for all, hence why we have created different licence packages.Every licence comes with hosting and support. It also comes with a content licence. This content licence allows you to use the ToolHire Websites database content on your site for the duration of that licence. In effect you are paying a one off set up fee to develop your site just how you want it – your design, your tools, your pricing and hiring structure. You then own your site design and structure – but you hire the functionality and content. It is this functionality and content which is covered in the annual licence.
Each of our packages comes with email and telephone support, which we endeavour to respond to as quickly as possible between the hours of 7am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday. The great majority of support queries can be dealt with in under 15 minutes. Should an individual query require lengthy support, or incur additional expenses which would impact upon, or take you over, your annual support time for your package, we will provide you with a quote based on the time and expenses required to fulfil your support request.
This is a really important part of our Licence options. It is the opportunity to hold exclusivity over a set road mileage from a specific store. In practice what this means is that we would not provide our website services to another tool hire business within a set distance from your store. Distance is measured by road and not radius. It should be noted that exclusivity for our website services and our email marketing services are provided and sold separately as some tool hire businesses chose to purchase the email marketing service without having the website service.
Additional Tools/Products
Whilst the site comes with 200 tools/products you can have additional tools/products added during site set up at a cost of £6/product. Alternatively you can add them yourself. Tutorials videos will be provided.
Adding Pages
The site comes with a main menu which consists of 6 main menu pages (not included the tool menu) and 3 top menu pages. You can have additional standard pages with content added to your site at set up (on either menu or as sub-menu items) at a cost of £17.50 per page. If you require specific functionality to be added to your page eg event calendar, we will provide a quote for that.
Tool Pricing Updates
Our Silver and Gold Licence Packages both come with an annual price update for all your tools. We can provide pricing updates outside of this at a cost of £2 per tool. You can, of course, update prices yourself and a video tutorial will be provided to enable you to do this.
All our packages include hosting on our secure cloud based server. This server provides an excellent service suitable for the amount of traffic received by the vast majority of our tool hire clients, however should you require additional hosting facilities these can be arranged.
Descriptions, Definitions & Details
We will take your company branding (logo, heading, strapline, colours) and merge them into your website so that the site matches your brand identity. The branding will be within the confines of the website structure and functionality. Whilst we can make further changes, these are within the realm of our bespoke package and will be priced individually.
Product Changes/Additions
We think that it is really important for your site to provide the correct and specific details about the tools that you hire, and not just generic overviews. So we will provide you with a pre-populated product spreadsheet with all the tool details that you will need. You can select from the tools that you already hire out and add in the details of any that are not on theproduct spreadsheet. We can do this for you, as long as you provide us with the make and model of each of your tools, however there is an additional cost for that (£6 per tool).The website package allows for 200 tools with no additional charge, however you can have as many tools on the site as you like at a cost of £6 per tool in excess of the 200 tools.The product spreadsheet will contain the details of each tool and will include Make; Model; Image; Description; Download Documents (optional); Video Demo (optional); Hire Times; Hire Prices; Safety Icons.
Product Pricing
The hire prices for each are a part of the product spreadsheet (see Product Changes/Additions).
Hire Times
The hire times can be specific to each product, for example you may not wish to hire some products out for less than 1 week. The hire times for each product are a part of the product spreadsheet (see Product Changes/Additions).
Delivery System
The delivery charge system in the UK is based on post code sectors eg LS12 3.. This enables us to set variable delivery charges based on the location of properties within small sector areas. In particular this allows you to be more specific about charges to places which may not be far away as the crow flies, but which take a long time to get to. It also allows us to use one system across multiple stores.We will provide you with a spreadsheet for you to populate the charges applied to each of the post code sectors within your delivery area. We can do this for you, however there is an additional charge for that of £1 per post code sector. If you do wish us to do this you will need to provide us with an overview map indicating the main delivery charge areas.Delivery System – Additional StoresThe website package comes with a delivery system for one store. Additional stores can be added at a cost of £60 per store. We will provide you with a spreadsheet for you to populate the charges applied to each of the post code sectors within your delivery area for each store . We can do this for you, however there is an additional charge for that of £1 per post code sector.

Annual Licence packages

Annual Licence Packages

Bronze - £350Silver - £650Gold - £950

Support – up to 3 hours
Content licence

Support – up to 6 hours
Content licence
Annual Pricing update
Adding/changing products <25/year
20 mile exclusivity

Support – up to 12 hours
Content licence
Annual Pricing update
Adding/changing products <50/year
30 mile exclusivity

Email Marketing – How it Works

Email Marketing – How it Works?

Step 1 – We establish which of your customers has an active email address and wants to hear from you. How?LINK

Step 2 – We send a monthly email campaign to this list – See Demos.LINK Customers open the email, see the offers/promotions and click on the links which take them directly to the relevant product/page on your website.

Step 3 – You receive a report which gives you the campaign statistics.

We offer 2 standard email campaigns and a bespoke service.

Aren't these just considered a nuisance?
Actually many people are keen to receive relevant email marketing messages as they usually help them to save money by providing them with access to sales, offers and promotions that they would otherwise not have know about.
What is the difference between the packages?
Our Standard Package is designed to promote tools which are regularly needed for the time of year. These are decided in collaboration with our partners at Formby Tool Hire and you will know for the year ahead what is contained in each of the email campaigns. You will also get a reminder 1 month ahead of the forthcoming promotions.Our Tailored Package provides you with the opportunity to promote whatever tools you want from your catalogue. So every month you choose what tools you want to push and we do the rest.Our Bespoke Package provides you with the opportunity to have an email template designed for you, and to send out emails at whatever frequency you want. All Bespoke Packages will be costed individually.

Email Marketing Packages

Our Email Marketing Packages

Package 1Package 2Bespoke Packages

Standard monthly campaign
Choice of 2 templates

Cost – £30/month

Bespoke monthly campaign
Choice of 2 templates

Cost – £45/month

Costs are based on:

Template design
Frequency of campaigns

Additional Email Options & Info

One off email campaigns are priced individually.
Packages 1 & 2 include 1 monthly email campaign going out to up to 2000 subscribers. After 2000 subscribers there is an additional fee of £10 per 1000 or part thereof.
All packages have a one off set up fee of £20 per thousand. This covers the initial direct email plus list cleansing. See details here.
20 and 30 mile exclusivity can be purchased as follows

20 mile exclusivity – £350/year
30 mile exclusivity – £650/year