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Hacked By Unknown

Content is the SEO keyWhat is the current key to SEO (search engine optimisation)? Over the months and years the various search engines (predominately Google) have continually altered the ways in which they monitor web sites and how they then rank them. Given that if you pay money to have your site advertised then you […]

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Mobile Friendly Ranking is Crucial

Like it or not, mobile friendly sites are getting preference on Google. And loads of  independent tool hire sites are getting left behind leaving the big boys to mop up. Yikes. There are hundreds (probably thousands) or articles out there telling you all about it, but what it comes down to is that if your website […]

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Less is more

Website tips – Proper Messaging

The most important aspect of a site is its messaging. The most effective sites feature clear, concise, bit text messaging in no more than a few words. Do not put long paragraphs on your homepage. Your homepage is a gateway into your site. Use short messaging that gets to the point. Have a look at […]

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